Friday, January 1, 2010

Creation Care on the Niagara Frontier

Several weeks ago an acquaintance introduced me to the phrase "creation care."  I learned this referred to the growing awareness across the country within religious communities that they should take an active stance regarding the natural world, that its protection and restoration is an important part of living a spiritual life. This concept arose from within the religious communities themselves, perhaps from
those who already had an interest in the environment, camping, hiking, bird-watching, and so on.

You may already be involved with creation care. I'm writing to offer you an opportunity to take a small step that would be very important to us here on the Niagara Frontier. Please go to to learn about efforts to remove a highway along the unique Niagara gorge rim & to restore natural landscapes there with hiking and bicycling trails. If you are convinced and want to help--please sign the online petition in support. Every vote counts as we try to demonstrate to political leaders and others the value of this small part of the natural word, which is, after all, only on loan to us. Ask family members and friends to sign as well.

The very best to you in the new year and beyond. Please email me any questions you may have about the proposal to remove this road.

Take care,
Bob Baxter

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Nell Jean said...

I came here by way of Blotanical. I urge you to check 'Your Plot' there where messages from other members are waiting. You might also want to read the FAQs under the Help tab, to help you navigate Blotanical site.

Happy New Year.