Friday, January 15, 2010

The Niagara Times Blog - THE Best Example of What's Wrong in Niagara County

The Niagara Times Blog Site Formula

1) A person has an idea, or supports an idea.
2) Whoever's pulling your strings tells you that you don't like this idea.
3) You decide you don't like this idea.
4) You call the person who had or supports the idea a negative name.
5) You call the idea a negative name, make up untrue things about it.
6) You've made up a name for yourself so no one knows who you are. Maybe it's "Hobbes," something clever, so nobody can tell if you admire a philosopher from almost 500 years ago or a stuffed tiger, or are just being ironically funny. (In any case, you can feel like a secret agent, a hired assassin, a sniper, or a spy).
7) Make up more clever names so you can sign more comments you make & everyone will think others agree with you.
8) Learn a new vocabulary word every day. Use it three times and it's yours.
9) Call this whole process "Civil Discourse."

Note: try to avoid looking at yourself in the mirror.

Bob Baxter


Niagara Forum said...

By now--Hobbes should be regretting his post, but somehow I wonder if he gets it. Parkway removal is about the well being of the citizens of the county and not any one community.

Larry Castellani said...

Hobbes' blog amounts to a 'dirty tricks' operation. I gave him too much credit in my blog article criticizing his position on the parkway issue. I said he thinks too pragmatically. He actually doesn't think at all. His mind is permanently positioned and fixed, as Baxter points out, by his masters. Baxter hits the nail on the head. But the insidious nature of Hobbes' modus operandi is that his anonymous status prevents him facing any real consequences. It can also appear that his attacks are opinions that are actually shared by others, others who themselves may not exist. Politically the problem is that his ilk serve only to obscure and obstruct what's at issue and how we might move forward as a community. Hobbes represents powermongering at its best. He aims to destroy the public realm or what's left of it as we witnessed in his viciously relentless attacks on Tom Christy. He uses the forum of democracy to destroy democracy.

Just Words said...

The economic documentation supporting parkway removal and reclaiming the land as non-motorized parkland is staggering. Why certain uninformed individuals are allowed to be obstructions confounds the average person. I'll post additional reports, as recent as March, 2009. Readers can also check out the numbers in the cloud tag: facts vs fallacy.

Anonymous said...

The Moses Parkway removal proposal can be viewed at

We are patiently awaiting scoping hearings on the disposition of the Mose Parkway.

Posted by: Jim Hufnagel