Monday, January 25, 2010

Niagara Gorge Rim Restoration - The Wild Ones Proposal: More Q & A

Outcomes:  What are the ecological outcomes or products that we can expect to receive in a final report? Detailed restoration plans for habitat types and species?

Response EDR:  The ecological product you should expect to see in the final report would include, but likely not be limited to, the following:

1.    An evaluation of the existing conditions within the identified study area as it pertains to land use, and ecological communities and cover-types
2.    A comprehensive investigation into the historical record (i.e. available studies and databases) in an effort to identify the past land uses and ecological community structure within the study area,
3.    A presentation of recommendations to assist implementing jurisdictions which:

a. Highlight the unique character of the habitats currently in existence in the study area and,

b.    Provide guidance to improve the existing conditions wherever necessary with special consideration given to restoration of existing communities to a historic community structure,

c.    Identify new ecological communities representing the diversity of the area and which are large enough in size to be sustained and to provide educational value

4.    A description of each ecological community including plant and wildlife species, soil and hydrologic requirements, and operational and management guidelines
a.    A graphic masterplan showing the location and areal extent of all ecological communities, how they are linked and how they tell a story as one travels south to north along the gorge rim.

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