Monday, January 25, 2010

Niagara Gorge Rim Restoration - More Q & A For The Wild Ones Proposal

Site Control: Will all landowners included in the proposal be clearly identified, including any zoning or planning codes that apply? If there are detailed restoration plans, will they focus on specific sites where landowners and jurisdictions have already committed to implementing ecological restoration? 

Response EDR:  Yes, Land owners and involved agencies will be identified and contacted. This is a Study and it will not produce detailed planting plans or any other construction documents. Site specific plans already under way by local jurisdictions can improve their projects by coordinating their design to the overall ecological theme.  The over riding purpose of this study is to unify the actions of many jurisdictions and align them with the singular ecology of the Niagara gorge rim.

BoundariesWhat are the boundaries for the proposed restoration plan?  In the introduction, the proposal states: “The Restoration Plan area begins at Main Street and First Street in the City of Niagara Falls and ends at Center Street in the Village of Lewiston. The east/west limits are the Niagara River and the urbanized neighborhoods or boundaries of the City of Niagara Falls and the Village and Town of Lewiston.”  Under Task 3, the proposal states: “An ecological restoration plan will be developed to provide recommendations for restoring and maintaining diverse, sustainable ecological communities in the area currently occupied by the Robert Moses Parkway.”

Response EDR: The boundary described in the introduction is correct. 

Response WON: There is no conflict here. In context we assumed the gorge parkway would be understood. Please insert the word "gorge" before "Robert Moses" in the sentence quoted from Task 3.  

Misc:  If funded, EDR/Wild Ones should be directed to submit a quarterly report for GESC review.      

Response WON/EDR:  All consultant contracts issued by Wild Ones will require written quarterly reports to assure transparency and accountability.

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