Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Quiz in Logic

Logic Quiz: True or false?

The Robert Moses Parkway is a road. True. (Documented fact, common sense).

The speed limit on the Robert Moses Parkway is 45 mph. True. (Documented fact).

The Robert Moses Parkway blocks access to the Niagara Falls, NY waterfront. True. (Documented fact).

The Robert Moses Parkway is an underutilized road. True. (Documented fact).

There are alternate routes to the villages north of Niagara Falls. True. (Documented fact.)

The Robert Moses is a redundant road. (Documented fact)

The Niagara River (and the Niagara River Gorge) is a Globally Significant Important Bird Area. True. (Documented fact).

The Niagara River Gorge is a calcareous cliff community with rare botanical species. True. (Documented fact).

Threats to calcareous cliff plant communities include run off from salt applications and vehicle carbon emissions. True. (Documented fact).

Ecotourism is a genuine tourism niche. True. (Documented fact).

Ecotourism is the fastest rising tourism market. True. (Documented fact).

Niagara Falls is a globally recognized tourism destination. True. (Documented fact).

Removing the Robert Moses would provide access to the waterfront. True. (Documented fact, common sense).

Removing the Robert Moses would redirect traffic onto Main Street and every business district in Niagara Falls. True. (Documented fact, common and good, fiscally responsible business sense).

Removing the Robert Moses Parkway and ecologically restoring the gorge rim would protect and preserve the rare plants growing in the Niagara River gorge. True. (Documented fact, good ecotourism and good economic sense via ecological service benefits.)

Total removal will cost less than keeping and maintaining or rebuilding the Robert Moses Parkway. True. (Documented fact, common and good business sense).

So therefore the conclusion made by New York State Parks and the City of Niagara Falls is:
Removing the Robert Moses and replacing it with a different road a few feet away—speed limit of less than 45 mph—that will continue to bypass Main Street and every other business district in Niagara Falls, NY is a well thought out, fiscally responsible, ecologically responsible, and an economically sound business idea. True or False?

This is the logic part. True? Or False?

It’s reflects what’s wrong with Niagara Falls, NY: a lack of common sense, fiscally irresponsible, business sense.

There’s something in the water in the falls.

Mini Essay: Epiphany
Now I get it, why key decision makers destroyed my Wild Ones Native Plants, Natural Landscapes Chapter—formerly one of their largest chapters that advocated the National mission for using native plants in landscapes—terminated my $1,000 lifetime membership and my seat as a National Board Director. (Documented facts).

I can think. Plus, I did my homework. (Documented fact).

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