Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Robert Moses Parkway. One Wild Plan 2

Subject: Moses Parkway, Niagara falls

To: Doug Brackett
From: Gary H Scott

Doug- I read about your leading a plan to remove a portion of the Moses Parkway in Niagara Falls. Outstanding !
The Moses Parkway was one of the most ill-conceived projects ever, along with many of his expressways that ruined the Bronx, and areas north of the Bronx. In 1985, I was the lead LA on the Cannon Design team that was charged with re-establishing the Niagara Reservation, aka Prospect Point, at the American Falls. Along with developing pathways that followed the original routes, recreating the upper and lower (active and passive) areas of the park, and creating as many Olmsted pathway "braids", hidden views,framed views, etc, my primary goal was elimination of the Moses Parkway.I had hopes of removing the Parkway as far east as the exit that heads toward the casino, knowing that Olmsted's park plan reached almost to Seventh Street.The State Parks and Rec folks insisted that the parkway physically remain along the upper rapids as it is today, "....to assuage the handful of fishermen who drive there to fish". ......Fortunately, you don't have such absurd notions along the gorge. I would offer the following suggestions in your efforts to return the lower river area to a bikepath, walking trail, with removal of the parkway. 1) Tie in the ecological virtues of the lower gorge to those of Goat Island, which was Olmsted's method of protecting Goat Island. 2) The City of NF has no similar facility (bikepath/walkway) that offers direct connection to so many residential areas 3) Removal of the parkway would allow for reforestation along the route, changing the scale and making the overlooks more meaningful.

The article I read didn't define the limits of the study, but I'd hope that the nodes would at least be Devil's Hole Park and Whirlpool Park. Good luck in your efforts. If I can be of assistance, please let me know.

BTW, my daughter and her husband are graduates of ESF, two degrees each, in wildlife biology.

Sincerely, Gary H Scott, RLA Az, formerly RLA in NY, Mass,Conn, Md
130 S. Melpomene Way Corona, Az *5641 520-762-1020 ghsbas@gmail.com

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