Sunday, October 18, 2009

Erie-Niagara Framework for Regional Growth, Part 2, Principals

Framework for Regional Growth. The Seven Principals are a quick summation of the concepts behind the 2006 document. It clearly states the guidelines are "conceptual, intentionally drawn loosely." It ignores municipal boundaries. The following excerpts are from the beginning of Chapter 3, pages 30-32. Additional details and subsequent chapters will be made in upcoming posts.

Guiding Growth & Investment

Section 3.1

A Vital Economy
…the region's prosperity is dependent upon the vitality of its downtowns and urban waterfronts.

Sustainable Neighborhoods
…improve livability of the region’s urban neighborhoods…create more compact, walkable communities in developing areas, ease pressure of road network.

Strong Rural Communities
…protection of sensitive scenic and natural areas, wildlife habitat and open spaces.

Improved Access & Mobility
…support transit use, walking, ride-sharing, more efficient commuting patterns.

Efficient Systems & Services
…encourage preservation and adaptive reuse of historic sites and buildings

Effective Regional Stewardship
… Erie and Niagara Counties recognize as a liability the absence of a forum for addressing pace and quality of development, efficiency and effectiveness of infrastructure and the conservation of sensitive resources.

Conserve Natural and Cultural Assets
…the region’s unique natural, historic,and cultural heritage represents an important though under-appreciated asset. The counties support efforts to preserve historic sites and landscapes, conserve and improve access (as appropriate) to natural systems and resources…the counties encourage the conservation and protection of the region’s most sensitive natural systems-the lakefronts and escarpments; rivers, creeks and streams; wetlands and floodways; and forested lands are recognized as regionally significant resources worthy of protection and conservation.

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