Friday, September 18, 2009

Debunking Local Myths: Facts for Removing The Robert Moses Parkway

The Parkway Preservation Committee was created to generate awareness and understanding of the significant economic, social and environmental impacts the Robert Moses Parkway has on the community fabric of the Greater Niagara region. (Source: The Parkway Preservation Committee)

Bureaucrats banded to counter the group of concerned citizens, The Niagara Heritage Partnership, who advocate the preservation and restoration of the region's natural environment and encourage socially responsible development. Currently, the Niagara Heritage Partnership is advocating the removal of the 6.5-mile section of the Robert Moses Parkway which runs along the Niagara Gorge from Niagara Falls, New York to Lewiston, New York, and restoring the natural environment (indigenous trees, grasslands, wildflowers) and creating a hiking and biking path.

FACT: Removing Freeways — Restoring Cities
Even Gaming Magazine—a house organ of the gambling industry, which we would not expect to be aware of city planning issues—said in its article about revitalizing Niagara Falls that the Robert Moses Parkway is "widely held as a mistake in planning," whose result is "simply directing people through the city and into Canada."

FACT: Revitalizing Niagara Falls: Recovering from the Legacy of Robert Moses
"In today’s climate it should be understood that the urban parkways built during the post-World War II era were misguided. Property values plummet, pollution increases, vandalism and crime multiply, and traffic congestion grows. Many cities across the world acknowledge these pitfalls and have torn down major highway systems from South Korea to France, Canada, and even the United States." Souce: M. Andreini,

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