Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Question for the Day

An interesting query embroiled a local political committee meeting last night. One potential candidate maintained the President’s recent national actions on health care and clunker cars would dictate how people will vote in September’s grassroots primaries, and ultimately, November’s local elections.

Neutral ground disappeared and sharp opinions divided them. One person felt the statement insulted voter intelligence. Another felt the question represented hate/racial tactics spurred by a major national party and that mentality should end. Others, a tiny minority in the small group, withheld comment, fell silent.

So, here’s my question:

This September and November, at the local election level, what will influence your vote?

Will you vote for local people who have a say on what directly affects your immediate, residential quality of life?


Will you vote for a particular political Party based upon the Presidential actions in Washington, DC, an individual you will probably never meet or have an opportunity to influence?

You can use the poll below.(Scroll to the bottom.) You can also email comments to

I’ll post your comments verbatim, if you leave your initials and place of residence (city, county, state)

Civil, thoughtful comments creates an exchange of ideas and dialogue, so humor me, ok? Provide honest opinion. I want to understand why and what you’ve based your logic on.

1 comment:

Niagara Forum said...

In state and national elections I always vote for my party and my parties ideals. In local elections I vote for the person I feel will best serve the community.

In this years election I will be voting for one republican and one democrat for city council.