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EMPACT America Conference Sept. 9 and 10, Niagara Falls, NY Convention Center

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EMPACT America is working to increase the public awareness of the risk of an EMP attack and also spur a grassroots movement to place pressure on the US government to devote the necessary resources to prevent and/or prepare for such an attack.

I am helping to get the word out about an upcoming conference of national significance that will be held in Niagara Falls on September 9 & 10th, 2009. Keynote speakers include Newt Gingrich and Gov. Mike Huckabee. We need your help!

Can you assist us in letting raising the awareness of our fellow citizens about this topic, the importance of preparedness and the upcoming Conference?

Here is some information about recent media coverage:
This topic was recently covered on NPR's Science Friday:
August 14, 2009
America's electric grid is vulnerable to attack from electromagnetic weaponry, and building a smart grid might make it worse, says Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD). Bartlett, a former research scientist and engineer, offers his solution for securing U.S. electronics from attack.
In addition, this recent Associated Press (AP) article highlighted the EMPACT America Conference:

And additional details about the Conference:
EMPACT America Inc. is pleased to announce its upcoming EMP Conference:
Protecting America from Permanent Continental Shutdown from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). The conference will take place at the Conference Center, Niagara Falls, NY. It will feature EMP experts and local and national leaders addressing the need for infrastructure protection and recovery planning in local communities and across the nation.

This conference is expected to be a watershed event, helping to establish the recommendations of the congressional EMP Commission as a critical step in ensuring U.S. national security in the face of this dangerous threat.

EMPACT America Inc.
EMPACT America works with local citizenry, civic-minded companies, and grassroots activists to help prepare communities in New York State and across America to prepare for an EMP attack. Working with local city governments and first responders, EMPACT America provides for coordination, education, and consulting services, helping to create a growing grassroots movement focused on EMP preparedness and recovery.

An EMP attack can cripple our infrastructure causing all of our electronic equipment and infrastructure to fail. That means even basic modes of emergency response, like cars, planes, and other emergency vehicles, may not even start. Current emergency planning is primarily based upon short-term disasters, and is heavily dependent upon assistance from peripheral communities; unfortunately, an EMP could have long-lasting and wide-spread effects that are not adequately addressed by current planning. Moreover, availability of fundamental resources such as our food, water, and medical supplies would almost certainly break down.

Who Should Attend the Conference?
All Concerned Citizens
Managers of infrastructure or crisis management of the following:
› Electric, Natural Gas, and Water Utilities › Renewable Energy Systems
› Banks › Financial Institutions
› Transportation Systems › Healthcare Institutions
› Transportation Systems › Healthcare Institutions & Agencies
› Communications › Computer & Software
› State & Local Governments › First Responders
› Disaster Recovery Organizations › Homeland Security
› Disaster Preparedness › Business Continuity
› Universities › Electronics

We invite you to join us from the evening of September 8th through September 10th, 2009, in Niagara Falls, New York, to help better understand the impact of EMP. Learn how it could affect you, as well as proactive, hands-on ideas to protect your home, business, or organization from the devastating effects of this threat.

Attend this conference to learn about:
• The EMP Threat • Recovery & Emergency Preparedness
• How to Update Your All-Hazards Business Continuity Plan
• How to Prepare Your Company • How to Protect Your Government Infrastructure

Conference Pricing
$75 per person
Prices have been greatly reduced due to sponsorships and subsidies to allow greater attendance by a diverse group of interested attendees. Space is limited, so register early. Also, special conference rate pricing is available at the hotel for a limited time. See our accommodations page on our website and/or call the hotel for details.

Special Reduced Rate for Government Employees, Students, Volunteers, Members of Community Groups, First Responders:
$25 per person*
*In addition to the greatly reduced pricing for government employees, students, and first responders, EMPACT America is coordinating additional funds to help first responders come to this conference.

EMPACT America wants every first responder who wants to attend to have that opportunity.
We're working with various sponsors to set-up conference scholarship/sponsorship funds to pay, or help pay, for registration fees of first responders who want to attend but have funding issues, including those waiting for funds and those departments/agencies that would like to send more representatives than they currently have funds to cover. The scholarship/sponsorship funds are limited, but we're working to get more. We encourage you to contact us if funding is an issue. Given the limitation on funds, a firm attendance commitment must (and will be) required. Contact us at: or 716.435.7873.

Conference information and registration is available at .
Questions & more information: .

Thank you for your assistance in spreading the word about this extremely important topic and Conference. If I can answer any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mary C. St.Mary


ESQ said...


EMPact America, the foremost electromagnetic pulse (EMP) education and advocacy organization in the world, has an entire website and radio network dedicated to EMP and national security –

If you read nothing else on EMP, at least read the Abstract, Overview, and summary information in the 2008 Congressional EMP Commission Report (

On EMPact America’s website, you can read reliable source materials and watch exclusive videos about nuclear and solar EMP. There’s also a forum with blogs, comments, and discussion on this critical topic.

You may also want to check out EMPact Radio with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry ( Some of the recent and upcoming guests on EMP include: Lord Kelvin Winner, Dr. William Radasky; Bronius Cikotas (father of GWEN); Best Selling Author Dr. William R. Forstchen; Vice Admiral Robert Monroe; Congressman Roscoe Bartlett; former CIA Director Ambassador James Woolsey; former Chairman of National Intelligence Council, Fritz Ermarth; Dr. William Graham (Chair of the US Congressional EMP Commission for eight years and widely considered to be the free world’s foremost expert on electromagnetic pulse – also a member of the Rumsfeld Commission on Space and served as Science Advisor to President Reagan and Chairman of the General Advisory Committee on Arms Control and Disarmament, and Chairman of the SDI Advisory Committee and Deputy Administrator of NASA); and many others.

Based in NY (USA), EMPact America is a non-partisan, non-profit organization for citizens dedicated to protecting America from a man-made or natural electromagnetic pulse (EMP) catastrophe.

For more information, visit:

ESQ said...


The US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources ignored the unanimous bipartisan* endorsement of the U.S. House, two Congressional Commissions and the National Academy of Sciences, and threw out the House's protection from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) in HR 5026 for the Senate version of the bill (S.1462). BTW - When is the last time you saw the words "unanimous" and "bipartisan" when referring to a bill like this?

The House's bill protects the grid from nuclear and other physical attacks and great geomagnetic storms. The Senate committee deleted provisions re: EMP and those protecting the grid's large transformers and requiring adequate backup inventory.

The grid is most vulnerable to an EMP attack due to its age, a growing reliance on computer control systems (SCADA), and varrious methods of attack/damage, including from EMPs generated from hand-held weapons, high-altitude denotation of a nuclear bomb, and the sun.

Please use EMPact America's automated e-campaign to contact your Senators now using the following link, and ask them to adopt in S.1462 (or in a stand alone bill) the House's protection from EMP:

(If the above link doesn't work, visit the 'TAKE ACTION - SEND A MESSAGE' section of EMPact America's website or try

To learn more about EMP, and what you can do about it, please visit .

EMPact America is a non-partisan, non-profit organization for citizens dedicated to protecting America from a man-made or natural EMP catastrophe.