Monday, March 15, 2010

Sample Letter to Save NY's State Parks

You can find your NY assembly legislators here.
and your NY senators here.

Dear Senator/Assembymember (name),

I strongly urge you prevent 91 state parks and historic sites from closing by restoring at least $11.3 million to their operating budget.

State Parks and Historic Sites are economic engines that contribute $2 billion dollars and generate 20,000 jobs annually to the New York State Economy. At a time when more people than ever are visiting our parks and historic sites because they are close by and affordable, closures will deprive our communities of much-needed revenue, and jobs.

Of course parks and historic sites are more than revenue and job creators. They enhance our quality of life, and (Your Area) residents take great pride in (name of your parks/historic sites. Please fill in any local information about your park - for example, how you use it and what it means to you and the people you know.)

Considering the great wealth and pride our parks and historic sites provide our communities, they are but a tiny investment for New York. Parks and Historic sites are only one-quarter of one percent of the state budget. Yet despite their great return for so little an investment, the Executive Budget proposed to slash State Parks operation funding by 20%. I understand that the state is in a dire economic situation right now, but cutting parks by such a disproportionate amount is unjust and imprudent.

(Your park or historic site) is an economic engine that also enhances the quality of life for my neighbors and me. Please prevent the closing of our (park/historic site) by restoring the funding State Parks need to safely operate all of their statewide facilities.

(Your Name, Address, and e-mail)

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