Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quote of the Day

From the Niagara Heritage Partnership website petition to remove the Robert Moses Parkway:

Buffalo, NY

Niagara Falls New York is in need of a complete makeover; there really aren't many things worth keeping, and the theory should be "implode as much as possible and start over"......I've followed the niagara heritage partnership for some time without being more involved; i've concluded that this is a most thoughtful and resolute group of people; they only ask to fix things, and they listen more than they talk, which is rare and appreciated. I have not heard one iota of logic for keeping the parkway. Robert Moses raped this region; there are things we cannot do on some fronts; there are things we can do on others. Eliminating the parkway seems to make sense environmentally, economically and for the future plans of the falls. I fully support the work of the NHP because if someone had a logical, working solution to what they are proposing here, we'd have heard of it. If anyone has such a solution, bring it forward and i'm sure the NHP would listen. To quote Ronald Reagan, "Mr. Gorbachav, tear down this wall"!!!!!!

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debsgarden said...

I confess I live far away and have never seen Niagara falls except in pictures and have been unaware of its problems. Does removing the parkway mean that there would be no road access to the falls, only hiking and bikes? I think that would be sad, as there are many folks who couldn't visit the falls that way. However, from the photo on the NHP site, the parkway is an eyesore. I hope a good solution is found that will protect the falls and the environment and still allow access to the falls.