Monday, November 2, 2009

Leadership Niagara and the Parkway Preservation Committee

Bob, I have a prior commitment that evening and am unable to attend the event.

I would have sold/purchased tickets for employees of my husband's company, but LN has never recognized EHA as my sponsor, except for my email. I originally applied to LN under Wild Ones, however, EHA sponsored me when I sent my "tuition" in. EHA was with me at the opening "retreat." To my knowledge, tuition is same for everyone.

I'm only supplying a basket under Wild Ones because I enjoyed all of my classmates and found the opportunity to
experience LN enlightening.

Just as point of interest: If you cross reference the members and officers of Niagara USA Chamber here: with the members of this organization:

you may be as surprised and as disappointed as I am.

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