Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Matters More: What I Do or Why I Do It?

Actions reflect inner temperatures. They are truths displayed, buffed gold, even when socially or mentally tarnished.

I am what I do and what I do triumphs reason. My actions reflect my character. They reveal its content, honest emotion. They are inner mirrors exploited out.

What I do defines me without me speaking. What I do can be self-motivated, group related, or simply a reaction. Even my remaining silent and standing still, politically inert, is action. It’s truth smudged, encroached by darkness.

I did this because you did that. I did this because I wanted/needed/had to have that. Because I did, I am something defined: I give a kiss/money/support. I am kind. I take. I am redefined. I don’t respond. I am transformation.

What I do defines me since what I do is always done by choice, conscious or unconscious. It’s the why, the motivation, which requires close examination. My observed behavior may be explained, rationalized, but never denied. You may recognize the emotion as a sapphire glitter, gleam, glow, or glint.

You will surmise my movements, my decisions, as actions seen through a lens, the filters of your past. In your gaze, I am always upside down, a reflection.

I am a summary of actions. What I do matters more than why because with any action there is always an explainable reason: this is why I did it.

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